SparX 2017 Team


Fun at the Webster  Fireman’s Parade 7/13/2017!

Thank you to everyone who came out to the FIRST Robotics Red Wings night August 2!! What a fun time with our fellow FIRST friends! Check out the Facebook pictures and videos

Save the date:   The new recruit meeting for the 2017/2018 season will be on Wednesday Sept 20 at Thomas. Come on over and check SparX out!

Festival of Champions: The Super Bowl for FIRST Robotics 2017!

The top FIRST Robotics Competition Alliances from FIRST Championship Houston and FIRST Championship St Louis met in head-to-head competition, in a best 3-of-5 format.  Some awesome performing robots and super scores!

This is why SparX is an important and fun opportunity for all Webster High School Students: 

Founded in 2003, SparX has a colorful and successful history in FIRST Robotics.


We are students from Webster Schroeder High School and Webster Thomas High School who consistently strive to be an innovative and game-changing team, and to represent our sponsors, including the Xerox Corporation and the Webster Central School District, the best we can.

The SparX Mission Statement:

In support of FIRST’s mission, we inspire students to excel in life as well as science and technology through various technology orientated activities. Gracious professionalism is our guiding principle. We strive to have the team of adults and students reflect the diversity within Xerox and the Webster School District.

Thank You Sponsors and Donors

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